Chuck Wendig (weaver42) wrote,
Chuck Wendig

Nine Short Stories. One Dollar.

IRREGULAR CREATURES is on sale for -- drum roll please -- $0.99. For the weekend. Why?

Because it's the One-Month Annivalentine's Daysary Extravabonanza!

Nine short stories.

Featuring: Mermaids, Zombies, Demonic Bangkok Strippers, Mystic Hermaphrodite Rag-Men, Bad Dads, Wide-Eyed Youths, Dimension-Hopping Advertising Aliens, Giant Chickens, Randy Satyrs, and Forgetful Grandpas.

Sale is only for the Kindle. You can buy it right here.

Then, at terribleminds, I discuss the price drop and ponder the value of ninety-nine cents -- further, I discuss the overall sales of the book.

Chiggity-check it before I wriggity-wreck it.

-- c.
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